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Sports Stars is the perfect developmental program for your child to be introduced to a variety of sports in a safe and fun environment. This all sport program for children 3-7 years old will teach and incorporate skills, techniques, and fun activities. Children will enjoy a different sport each week, including Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Football and Hockey.

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Sports Stars

Sports Stars is a multi-sports youth development program for children ages 3-7. Children will be introduced to a variety of sports in a fun and safe environment with this program. Children will focus on a different sport each week including; Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball and some surprise sports along the way. In every class our expert coaches will focus on the elements which promote the positive play in sports: hand eye coordination, listening, following directions and teamwork.

Curriculum includes:
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Listening & following directions
  • Interacting with teammates
  • Basic drills
Youth soccer game at BSC
3 – 5 years old

Session Schedule

Wednesdays at 5:30pm starting Apr 17
Classes Meet 1x per Week for 10 Weeks
Cost: $220 per player
Saturdays at 11:00am starting Apr 20
Classes Meet 1x per Week for 10 Weeks
Cost: $220 per player
5 – 7 years old

Session Schedule

Wednesdays at 4:30pm starting Apr 17
Classes Meet 1x per Week for 10 Weeks
Cost: $220 per player
Sundays at 11:00am starting Apr 21
Classes Meet 1x per Week for 10 Weeks
Cost: $220 per player
$20 BSC annual membership required for all Sports Stars Classes.
youth indoor basketball
Soccer coach running plays in youth team huddle
Baseball team listening to instruction on indoor field at BSC
basketball summer campers
Youth basketball program at Branchburg Sports Complex with kids raising hand asking coach questions

Helpful Policy Information

Please take a moment to read the following policies for our youth baseball classes here at Branchburg Sports Complex. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Clothing & Equipment

Please have your child come to class in comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to run around in.


A transfer means moving your child from the class time or level that you originally registered for, to another class time or level. Customers are welcome to request a transfer at any time during the session. However, transfers are subject to space availability within the class.

Make-Up Classes

The Sports Stars youth development program offers you the flexibility to take a make-up class if your child is sick or otherwise unable to attend class. You must call or email us to let us know you will not be attending class in order to schedule a make-up class. You may take your make-up class during any other age-appropriate class time, subject to availability within the class. Make-up class credits are not transferable to the next session of Sandlot Sluggers and must be taken within the current class session. We are unable to pro-rate the next session of classes to take into account make-up classes from the previous session. Due to the ongoing pandemic, make-up classes are extremely limited with smaller class sizes and offerings.


Registration for the Sports Stars classes is always open! Feel free to join us at any time throughout the season. However, no spaces in class are guaranteed without full payment and all registration is on a first-come first-served basis.


BSC will happily pro-rate a session if you would like to join a session that is already in progress. You will be charged for the remaining number of classes left in the session.

Have Questions?

Not sure which child development program is right for your budding athlete? We encourage you to come in for a FREE trial class and join in all the fun of one of our Sports Stars sessions! Our instructors will be happy to assess your child’s level and place them in the appropriate class.

Ready to Promote the Positive Play in Sports?

As one of the best youth sports instruction programs around, children will get to experience a variety of sports each week, while learning fundamentals skills and techniques of each activity.

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